Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Start a Clothing Line

Go on an exciting journey with me as I start 30 small businesses in the name of success. Lets face it we are all tired of working for the man and many of us desire to go into business for ourselves. Some of us struggle with what business to start well that’s where I come in. Every Monday over the next 30 weeks I will start a small business. I will share with you what the pros and cons are for each business. I will even let you know each week how I’m profiting. Why? You ask because It’s a recession and the best time to make a million dollars is during a recession. Ok so why not one business why 30?. Well, I was trying to find that one million dollar idea and came up with 30.So, I thought I’ll try them all and give you an inside look at how an ordinary person like myself started out. This first week I will start with  my self-named clothing line and next Monday I will let you know how that went. So, stay tuned for an excited adventure in entrepreneurship.

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